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The Battle of Crete...Fallschirmjäger Edition

THREE HUNDRED CLUB...Huge Quadruple Remarque

This is a rare mint copy The Three Hundred Club...This stunning image brings to life a scene on the Eastern Front in November 1944. Luftwaffe fighters from JG-52 have been called in , and the Me109's of Erich Hartman and Gerhard Barkhorn are seen engaging the attacking aircraft. Each print is signed by leading fighter aces , all of whom fought alongside Hartmann and Barkhorn in JG-52 , and provides a fitting tribute to history's two highest scoring fighter aces...Signed by : The artist Nicolas Trudgian and Generalleutnant Gunther Rall , Oberleutnant Kurt Schade and Oberleutnant Walter Wolfrum...This is a one off Huge Quadruple Remarque that was commisioned for Legends Avaition & Miltary Gallery and now become available to the public...The Remarque is breathtaking too look at and the detail is typical of a Trudgian masterpeice...It is priced @ £1995.00 with the pencil drawing valued at £1250.00 on it's own...To complement the purchase of your fine art print, we are now able to offer a professional Picture Framing service. For further details please contact us by phone or email.

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