Bandits 200 Plus...Print No 3 of the 2020 Trilogy to Commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain...ASR Edition.
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Bandits 200 Plus...Print No 3 of the 2020 Trilogy to Commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain...ASR Edition.


Artist : Nicolas Trudgian


34.5" x 25.5" approx  Unframed Print
Price £70.00


Legends Aviation Gallery are proud to announce the release of the new Stunning 80th Anniversary Battle of Britain Trilogy from Nicolas Trudgian...Print No 3 in the Trilogy Bandits 200 Plus...Bandits 200 Plus by Nicolas Trudgian... The 7th September 1940 was one of the most dramatic days in the Battle of Britain and would later be recognised as an important turning point in the course of the Second World War. In the weeks prior to this day the Luftwaffe had made concerted attacks against RAF Fighter Command airfields, but it now changed its tactics, turning its attention to a new target, London. German bomber and fighter squadrons had been repositioned in airfields close to the French coast from where very large formations could be quickly assembled and hurled against this new and vulnerable target. On the afternoon of the 7th September, Hermann Goring, no doubt with great satisfaction, watched the first colossal armada set forth as wave after wave of aircraft, totalling more than a thousand, roared over Cap Gris-Nez and headed out across the English Channel. The initial force was soon detected on British radar screens. At first the radar plotters counted one hundred enemy aircraft but then realised there were at least twice that number. Twenty three RAF fighter squadrons were scrambled and some were able to intercept the raiders over the Thames estuary. The swarm of Do17 and Ju88 bombers was protected by dozens of Me109Es including those of JG26, one of the very best Luftwaffe fighter units in the Battle. In this scene high over the Thames, the Messerschmitt of Oberleutnant Joachim Muncheberg, a top ace in the unit and soon to be a Knights Cross winner, leads other fighters of 7./JG26 into the fray. A Spitfire of No.603 Squadron is in Joachim's gunsight, while a Hurricane of No.249 Squadron is engaging the bombers. The air is filled with the rattle of guns as the mass of German aircraft forges westwards with bomb aimers preparing to drop their deadly cargo, the wide river guiding them to their hapless target. By evening, London had suffered its first true heavy bombing with the extensive docks and East End suffering terribly. The Blitz had begun. The one positive outcome was that, with attention now turned from their airfields, the RAF fighter squadrons were able to regain strength, a tactical error the Luftwaffe would greatly regret. Muncheberg was personally selected by Adolf Galland to lead the 7th Staffel of JG26 as he recognised a combat pilot of rare ability. He was credited with 135 victories, including 33 over the Eastern Front when serving with JG51 and the rest in Western Europe and in North Africa where he finally served as commander of JG77. Remarkably, of his 102 aerial victories over the Western Allies 46 were against Spitfires. Joachim Muncheberg died of wounds following a mid-air collision over Tunisia in March 1943...THE ARTIST'S SPECIAL RESERVE EDITION limited to 500 worldwide...Signed by the artist Nicolas Trudgian...priced @ £70.00...Printed in light fast inks on acid free archival paper...The CANVAS GICLEE EDITION Limited to 30 numbered reproductions worldwide. A full-size reproduction of this stunning original painting on canvas signed in paint by Nicolas Trudgian...Each canvas Giclee Edition is supplied rolled and will require stretching by a picture framer...Overall Canvas Size : 36" x 24". Rolled (unstretched) priced @ £325.00...Stretched priced @ £375.00...REMARQUE EDITION : Please contact Nicolas Trudgian Direct regarding the availability of Remarque Editions...MATCHING NUMBERED SETS OF THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN TRILOGY ARE AVAILBLE IN ALL THE EDITIONS AT A DISCOUNT , CONTACT US DIRECT FOR AVAILABILTY AND PRICES.

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