ICE WARRIORS...Presentation Copy
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ICE WARRIORS...Presentation Copy


Artist : Nicolas Trudgian , Major Hans-Ekkehard Bob , Leutnant Hugo Broch and Major Erich Rudorffer.


35" x 25" approx  Unframed Print
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The Green Heart Warriors carried their famous emblem throughout almost every European theater during World War Two. Having fought with distinction in the Battle of Britain , JG54 transferred to the Eastern Front , where it was to achieve historic success. Becoming one of the most successful combat fighter wings of the war , JG54 spawned a succession of top fighter Aces , no fewer than 20 achieving more than 100 air victories , its pilots collecting an impressive 58 Knights Cross awards. Flying both Fw 190's and Me 109's , JG54 took part in the heavy air fighting in the northern region of the Russian Front , where conditions were not for the faint hearted and demanded exceptional piloting skills. One young Austrian pilot , Walter Nowotny , won a reputation even among Allied pilots , and during the summer of 1943 became a virtual one- man air force in the skies above the Eastern Front. In June 1943 he shot down 41 aircraft , 10 in one day. In August he collected a further 43 air victories , and another 45 the following month. In a dog-fight in October Nowotny shot down a P-40 fighter to record an astounding 250 air victories , becoming the first fighter pilot in history to achieve this score. Nicolas Trudgian's painting magically captures the busy atmosphere of a Luftwaffe fighter station on the Russian Front in the dead of winter. It is February 1943 , the countryside deep in snow , and the temperature well below freezing as Leutnant Walter Nowotny , Staffelkapitan of 1./JG54 , taxis " White One " out from a crowded dispersal on to the snow covered runway at Krasnogvardeisk. With their temporary whitewash colour scheme glinting in the early morning sunlight , the Fw 190A-4's pose a menacing spectacle as they line up to follow the fighters of 2./JG54 , already airborne , into the cold morning air. Signed by the Artist : Nicolas Trudgian and Major Hans-Ekkehard Bob , Leutnant Hugo Broch and Major Erich Rudorffer all Knights Cross Holder's and Aces of JG54...priced @ Sold for this rare Presentation copy...To complement the purchase of your fine art print, we are now able to offer a professional Picture Framing service. For further details please contact us by phone or email.

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