HERMANN GORING...Werk und Mensch
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HERMANN GORING...Werk und Mensch


The original signature of the Leader of the Luftwaffe Reichsmarcshall " Hermann Goring.


5" 1/2 x 8" 1/2 approx  Signed Wartime Cloth Hardback Book
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Photo No 1 of our mint Book...Hermann Wilhelm Göring , 1893-1946. Nazi Reichsmarschall ; Luftwaffe commander-in-chief...This is a Copy of Hermann Göring : Werk und Mensch boldly signed by Hermann Göring in ink... This book , ( Title in English ) Hermann Goering : Work and Man , was written by Erich Gritzbach in 1937 and published by Franz Eher Nachfolger GmbH , the Nazi Party central press. Divided into two sections , “ The Work ” and “ The Man ” , it covers Göring’s life from the early years through the start of World War II. It was published in a number of editions , with some variations , from 1938 through the middle of World War II...This is a early version printed in 1938. Göring, who was second in power in the Third Reich behind Nazi Führer Adolf Hitler, has boldly signed this copy in blue fountain pen in the middle of the front page. The date by the publisher’s logo shows that this edition was published in 1938. Thus , Göring signed it either before or during the war or during his post-war imprisonment at Nuremburg , where he committed suicide in his cell on October 15 , 1946 , shortly before his scheduled execution for war crimes... In our opinion the signature is of an early type dating from 1938 to about 1942...This book measures 5"1/2 x 8"1/2. It contains a number of photographs of Göring , including several showing him with Nazi Führer Adolf Hitler , on glossy paper. The photograph at the very front of the book is of Göring in uniform as the Nazi head of the Luftwaffe , it bears a facsimile signature of Göring as well. The book is bound in blue cloth with gold printing on the cover and spine. The spine bears a number of Göring’s Nazi insignia, including the Nazi eagle and the Luftwaffe insignia. The front cover has some minor marks and the book shows a little wear but it is in good to very good condition. The interior of the book is clean bar a little bit of fogging. The binding shows no signs of wear and is tight. This is one of the later pre-war editions of the famous book by Hermann Göring. This one was printed in 1938 in Wien ( Vienna , Austria ). It has most of the original gilt on the covers and spine and the cover colors are bright. The pages are low acid , high quality and the photograph pages are on hard milled glossy stock... This is the 9th - 10th printing (161-200 thousand block). Note the copyright date was changed to 1937 ( from 1938 as seen in earlier editions ). Another curiosity is that the book states it was printed in Germany ( in English ) , but was actually pressed in Vienna , Austria. The condition is very good throughout , with light signs of routine use and some minor fogging of the front page and the outside edges of the book. The book measures 5" 1/2 by 8" 1/2 inches. It has 345 pages of content...priced @ Sold for this Historic Book...Published in German Text...This is a 100% Guaranteed Original Item...Comes complete with Certificate of Authenticity...IN NO WAY DO WE AT LEGENDS AVIATION GALLERY...support the political views of National Socialism...The Third Reich era inventory presented for sale on our website is sold as historical artifacts of collector interest only.

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