THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN...Very rare mint copy.
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THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN...Very rare mint copy.


Artist : Frank Wootton and Luftwaffe fighter Ace Gunther Rall.


29" x 27" approx   Very Rare Mint Unframed print
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The Battle of Britain lasted officially from July 1 to October 31, 1940. This painting depicts a scene over the east of London on September 15 , the Sunday when the battle was won. The first enemy patrols arrived just after 9 a.m. sighted from the straits of Dover and the Thames Estuary to Lympne and Dungeness. The force was comprised of hundreds of bombers escorted by ME 109's. Soon , the air over southeast England became one colossal battlefield. Sixteen squadrons of RAF fighters from 11 Group , followed by five each from 10 and 12 groups , took off to engage the enemy. The German pilots could be heard called to each other over their radios, " Achtung, Spitfeur ! " The Spitfires in the upper left in the picture are from the 609 Squadron and are led by S/Ldr Michael Robinson ( killed in action the following year ). He is diving to assist the pilot who has put his Spitfire in a tight turn to escape the Me 109's on his tail. Bombs are falling on the outskirts of London from waves of bombers at different heights. Top center , 257 Squadron , led by Bob Stanford-Tuck , is diving to attack. Different phases of the battle continued throughout the day. Winston Churchill , asking what fighter reserves were available , was told , " There are none." But by 5 p.m. the tide had turned and it became obvious that the German thrust was broken and an estimated 185 of their aircraft were lost on that single day...priced @ Sold...To complement the purchase of your fine art print, we are now able to offer a professional Picture Framing service. For further details please contact us by phone or email.

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