SS Panzer Tiger VI in Normandy 1944
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SS Panzer Tiger VI in Normandy 1944


Artist : Nicolas Trudgian and the war time signatures of Waffen SS Generals Joseph ( Sepp ) Dietrich and Herbert Gille both holders of the Knights Cross Oakleaves Swords and Diamonds.


15" x 13" approx  Framed Trudgian Wartime signed Original Drawing.
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A stunning head on example of the fearsome Panzer Mk VI Tiger Tank. An absolutely incredible Pencil drawing , by in our opinion the world's greatest artist of this kind of image...This is a truly remarkable piece of Art , not only is the drawing expertly researched and beautifully detailed , it has been very carefully drawn on a piece of Genuine World War Two paper, it has been amazingly war time ink signed by the only two members of the Waffen SS to receive the Knights Cross , Oakleave's , Sword's and Diamond's by Hitler in Person... SS-Oberstgruppenfuhrer und Panzer-Generaloberst der Waffen-SS Josep ' Sepp ' Dietrich who was the Commander of the 1st SS Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler from August 15 , 1938 -to April 7, 1943 , then Commander of I. SS-Panzer Corps Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler from July 04 , 1943 to August 09, 1944 , then Commander of 5. Panzer-Armee from August 09 , 1944 -to September 09 , 1944 and then finally Commander of 6-SS-Panzerarmee October 26 , 1944 to the surrender on May 08 , 1945...It has also been signed by SS-Obergruppenfuhrer und General der Waffen-SS Herbert Gille who was the Commander of 5. SS-Panzer-Division Wiking from May 01 , 1943 to August 06 , 1944 and then Commander of IV. SS-Panzerkorps from August 06 , 1944 until the surrender of the German Army on May 08 1945...A classic piece for any Waffen SS historian...Mounted and framed under ultraviolet glass...Comes complete with certificate of authenticity...priced @ Sold for this one off piece of Waffen SS history.

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